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Diving with Vic

Here is Vic diving with bull sharks in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The bull sharks are approachable because it is mating season, otherwise maybe not such a good idea.

November 2016 Update

Hello Friends, The bond market did not like the Presidential Election results with a massive sell off that began the day after the election and continued for four consecutive trading sessions that saw mortgage rates increase between .5% and .75% across the board for all mortgage products. Following the election, many voting Federal Reserve members, … Continue reading November 2016 Update

September 19, 2016 Update

Hello Friends, I can’t report on the latest meeting from the Federal Reserve that happened 9/20-9/21 in this newsletter due to timing issues with getting my content to the publisher. I will take a break on rates this week and focus more on home ownership challenges that first time home buyers face from a lending perspective. Real estate home … Continue reading September 19, 2016 Update