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Market Update April 3, 2017

Hello Friends, Weekly Review Mortgage rates had a slight improvement last week and we saw them fall overall by around .125%. No earth shattering but heading in a better direction. With core inflation over the Fed’s 2% target, we are reading more Fed members call for additional rate hikes this year, for anywhere from 1 … Continue reading Market Update April 3, 2017

November 2016 Update

Hello Friends, The bond market did not like the Presidential Election results with a massive sell off that began the day after the election and continued for four consecutive trading sessions that saw mortgage rates increase between .5% and .75% across the board for all mortgage products. Following the election, many voting Federal Reserve members, … Continue reading November 2016 Update

September 19, 2016 Update

Hello Friends, I can’t report on the latest meeting from the Federal Reserve that happened 9/20-9/21 in this newsletter due to timing issues with getting my content to the publisher. I will take a break on rates this week and focus more on home ownership challenges that first time home buyers face from a lending perspective. Real estate home … Continue reading September 19, 2016 Update

Market Update September 12, 2016

Hello Friends, Attached is this week’s newsletter recapping last week and showing this coming week’s economic calendar. Our little run low on rates last week lasted for ONE DAY, 9/7. Rates then marched back up the last four days including today, 9/13. Next week’s Federal Reserve rate decision will be critical to where mortgage rates start heading after this … Continue reading Market Update September 12, 2016

Market Update September 5, 2016

Hello Friends, Bond and stock prices recorded modest gains for the week when investors realized the week’s economic data was not that supportive for a 25 basis point rate hike at Federal Reserve’s September FOMC meeting despite several Fed officials suggesting such a rate hike could take place. To start the week, the Commerce Department … Continue reading Market Update September 5, 2016

Market Update July 25, 2016

Hello Friends, Rates had flat lined for the past two weeks, .25% higher than the lows from July 5th and 6th. Today the Fed concluded the July Open Market Committee Meeting with their current interest rate policy. The Fed is not increasing the Fed Funds this time and inflation remained below their 2% target, over which would likely result … Continue reading Market Update July 25, 2016