San Jose Mortgage Consultant

The Bay area offers a rich diversity of places to call home and a favorite area for many is the San Jose area. San Jose is famous for its high tech environment and easy access to all of the Bay area. Set in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Diablo Range, San Jose is a great place for people who like the outdoors, being close to the ocean, the Sierra Nevada and the vineyards – and also 300 sunny days a year. All of this makes San Jose a desired place to live. But because of it’s popularity, San Jose (like all of the Bay area) has hight real estate prices (compared to much of the country). So it is even more important when looking for a home in San Jose, to really make sure you consult a top mortgage broker, such as Vic Joshi, when looking to buy a home.

Being with C2 financial, Vic has many options when looking for the right loan for a buyer. There are many types of loans one can obtain when purchasing and it all depends on factors such as your income, the amount of money available for a down payment and your credit score. With so many factors to take in when looking for the best loan, it is wise to consult with Vic Joshi before you even start looking at homes. And with Vic, he can do all the work of qualifying up front so that there are no last minute surprises when you find the right home for you. In fact having a real pre-approved loan will help in your negotiations. Once a seller sees that you have your financing all locked up, then they are more inclined to accept your offer. Vic will make sure you have your loan pre-approved so you can negotiate the best price and terms. Call Vic today at 510-655-2868