Vic Joshi, Independent Agent with C2 Financial Corporation

As an independent mortgage loan consultant, I’ve been helping home buyers and investors with mortgage loans for over 20 years. I do that work as an agent with the nationally licensed C2 Financial Corporation, one of the largest mortgage brokers in California and the U.S.

This affiliation with my company is important for my mortgage loan clients, because it gives me leverage, in combination with my knowledge of the mortgage industry, in securing the loans my clients want and need.

C2 Financial Corporation is the largest mortgage broker in the United States, with its headquarters office in San Diego California. In 2019 C2 funded $5.5 Billion in mortgage loans.

The C2 Advantage

C2 Financial has over 100 lending partners. These are mortgage banks we have agreements with, to do business. Here’s how our lending options differ from the banks most people are familiar with:

  • Retail banks most people are familiar with are large consumer institutions with branches and an online presence for consumers. They sell only their own individual mortgage products.

  • In contrast, we are a wholesale mortgage channel. Our wholesale banking partners only offer their loans through brokers like us. We have access to and familiarity with loan products not available directly to consumers.

By being approved with over 100 lenders in our contact sphere, we have access to all loan products.

C2 Financial Corporation
Vic Joshi, C2 Financial Corporation

Matching Borrowers with the Right Lenders

At C2 Financial Corporation, we work with wholesale mortgage bankers to match up lenders and borrowers. We put the borrower in contact with the right lending solution for them. Then we coordinate all of the various third parties that are involved in a loan transaction: title company, escrow company, appraiser, and credit reporting agency.

With over 100 lenders in our contact sphere, we can compare the way different lenders underwrite loans, in relation to your particular financial profile. We can also shop each lender against the other, to obtain the optimal rate option for our borrowers.

C2 Financial Corporation