Balloon Payment Threat


A retail store owner who is also a homeowner in Kensington, came to me looking to refinance. His home loan had a balloon payment that was coming due. The stakes were high: he needed to refinance soon or he could potentially lose his home. The current lender was poised to repossess.

His tax returns did not show the net income required to qualify for a conventional loan.

Using a CPA-certified profit-and-loss statement for the last two years, I was able to get him refinanced into a more stable loan at a lower interest rate. Thus, this business owner, and his wife and kids, were able to keep their beloved family home.

Room to Play


A married couple living in an apartment in the East Bay were looking to purchase their first home. They wanted to stay in the Bay Area, desired a family-friendly neighborhood, and a home with a big backyard where their 3-year-old daughter could have room to play.

The husband was the primary earner in the family, a tradesman, finishing up his apprenticeship. His business was growing and he had good credit, but his funds for a down payment were limited, and his income was too high for him to qualify for the Fannie Mae 3% down loan program (the borrower’s income must be within 80% of the median income level for the zip code of the property being purchased).

They found their dream home in Vallejo. I took their loan to Freddie Mac and got it approved because Freddie Mac doesn’t have an income requirement for that zip code. With this particular loan product, the family was able to purchase the property with a 3% down payment.