Happy clients make my day! Your trust in me to help you through the mortgage and home buying process means everything, and I’m honored to do it. If you have closed a home loan with me and would like to share your story, please help me build my business by writing a review.

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Simply the best mortgage broker I could've asked for. Vic was prompt, professional, and patient. He took plenty of time to explain the complicated and intimidating process of securing a loan for me & was always readily available when I needed him. Under my unique circumstances, he prepared me to be the best possible candidate for a loan and found a product tailor-suited for me. He works like a man who has a passion for his work and trust me,... read more
Dayo Adesokan Avatar
Dayo A.
Jairo Alvarado Avatar
Jairo A.
Jarrod Hatfield Avatar
Jarrod H.
Mr. Joshi is prompt, professional and gets the job done. I would do business again with Vic.
Robert Freeberg Avatar
Robert F.
Vic Joshi is a rare combination of savage mortgage and finance guru and heart-centered, empathetic, real person. Our realtors told us he is the one they go to when things are sticky; that he has the creative solutions when other brokers hit a wall. We had a very complex situation: two self-employed earners with new businesses, student loans all complicated by the forbearance situation, co-signers, imperfect credit, etc. Vic guided us through several dark and thorny pathways, made us run... read more
Peter Leopold Avatar
Peter L.
Vic Joshi and his colleagues are outstanding at what they do. We just completed our second round of real estate refinancing with Vic, and the loans and terms that he found were better than we expected. He has a great general knowledge of the bond and mortgage markets (I say this as an economics professor who teaches in this area), and a great practical ability to shop for the best lenders that met our complex borrowing needs. ... read more
Roy Allen Avatar
Roy A.
Vic got me four mortgages, all for the same house. 6.5% 30 year, 5.5% 30 year, 4.5% 15 year, 2.8% 15 year. With each mortgage Vic was very organized, very clear in his communication about the process and about what would happen. Plus, he's fun. I will definitely use him in the future.
Holly Kogut Avatar
Holly K.
Lizhi Sun Avatar
Lizhi S.
Vic is a consummate professional that knows the ins and out of mortgage financing. Although we have loads of equity in your house, excellent credit, and plenty of assets, our existing mortgage lender was not willing to give us a cash-out refinance based on my self-employed status with less than ideal income during the two years of Covid-19. Vic was able to help us navigate through this difficult process .to achieve our goals. My wife and I... read more
benthead Avatar
Vic is so knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He got us all set up and pre-approved before we started looking. When the home we found was a new build and we worked with the builders lending team, Vic was gracious and gave us his blessing. However before long we were calling him for advice again and we decided to switch back to working with Vic and he saved our transaction and got us into our house. Vic... read more
M Feldberg Avatar
M F.
Luke Bourassa Avatar
Luke B.
Terrific broker. Handles all the details and gets the best price on a mortgage. Always available to answer all your questions
Ann Kelly Avatar
Ann K.
Over the last 8 years we have refinanced our home with Vic 4 times much to our financial advantage. We have special circumstances in our home ownership (lease land but own home) that makes it difficult for us to obtain a conventional loan. Vic has found us the willing lenders at the lowest rates. We highly recommend Vic’s services. Gary Matkin
Gary Matkin Avatar
Gary M.
We were so lucky to find Vic when we were first looking to buy a home almost 15 years ago. He was responsive, knowledgeable, incredibly hard working, and most importantly, trustworthy and honest. He walked us through everything at our speed and made sure we knew our options. Vic was the obvious choice when we had opportunities to refinance over the years and his service has remained world class...I couldn't make a higher recommendation!
Kyle DeRoos Avatar
Kyle D.
If you scroll through the reviews, you'll see that my wife and I have done several refinances with Vic. Each one helped lower our rate and monthly payment, and each went smoothly. Vic and his team are professional, efficient, and keep you informed every step of the way.
Paul Slavit Avatar
Paul S.
Our family has used Joshi’s services three times in the last 12 years - purchase and two refis. He is accessible, thorough, and incredibly easy to work with - he has also been available for mortgage advice. We recommend him without hesitation and would definitely work with him again. The Lewis Family
Joe Lewis Avatar
Joe L.
I have worked with Vic Joshi on three different home loans over 10 years. He is a straight shooter, immensely competent, and a pleasure to work with.
Laurence Mueller Avatar
Laurence M.
Done many deals with Vic and he never disappoints!
John Wyatt Avatar
John W.
Vic is great to work with. He was invaluable to us when we bought our home, explaining all the confusing elements that could have been overwhelming. He was a real partner - someone we trusted and who looked out for us throughout the process. I recommend working with Vic wholeheartedly, especially if it's your first home!
Jake McMurtry Avatar
Jake M.
I can highly recommend Vic and his team if you're searching for a mortgage or refi. Vic got us a great low rate, explained all of the options, and answered my questions in clear terms. I also appreciated how he and his team walked us through all of the paperwork and made it as straightforward as possible.
Michelle Sicula Avatar
Michelle S.
Vic was a life saver! I needed a lender to help me close as quickly as possible in a very competitive market. He guided me throughout the entire process and answered all of my questions. I landed the home of my dreams and cannot thank Vic and his team enough! Highly recommend him. He is absolutely wonderful to work with and is undoubtedly a leader in the business.
Nimmi Avatar
Vic is the the person I have trusted with my mortgages since 2010! He is always available to talk and always has my interests and needs first. I have recommended and would highly suggest any one to seek out his help with anything.
Timothy Skinner Avatar
Timothy S.
My wife and I have worked with Vic twice over 24 years - our new mortgage on a home in Oakland and a refinance 18 months ago. Vic is incredibly easy to work with, pleasant, informative, and supportive. He also works quickly which was important when we refinanced most recently in order to get an amazing rate (1.75%) which was not available for very long. We enthusiastically recommend Vic!
Mike A. Avatar
Mike A.
Nicole Thomas Avatar
Nicole T.
Kanwal Bhatia Avatar
Kanwal B.
Vic is very experienced in all aspects of the mortgage and refinance processes, finding a solution that makes sense for your situation. He extremely knowledge of the bond market and the effects on interest rates so he has the edge to lock in the best rate possible and secured funding very fast. I was very thankful to have him as a resource throughout our buying and refinance process.
Michael Rider Avatar
Michael R.
Vic is extremely fast and well-informed. Highly recommend!
Justin Dawe Avatar
Justin D.
Vic Joshi is an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy broker. He worked on my side most importantly! I would see him any next mortgage I need
N B Avatar
N B.
Very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Riley Pratt Avatar
Riley P.
My wife and I have worked with Vic twice over 24 years - our new mortgage on a home in Oakland and a refinance 18 months ago. Vic is incredibly easy to work with, pleasant, informative, and supportive. He also works quickly which was important when we refinanced most recently in order to get an amazing rate (1.75%) which was not available for very long. We enthusiastically recommend Vic!
Mike Allison Avatar
Mike A.
Vic made refinancing my home mortgage extremely easy. He found a great rate and I definitely recommend others to use his service. Thanks Vic!
Joseph Choperena Avatar
Joseph C.
Vic was very knowledgeable and working with him was seamless. Highly recommended!
David Kisailus Avatar
David K.
Vic knows all about the mortgage business and is a great teacher. If I have a question about anything mortgage-related, I know I can call him and get his professional undivided attention. If he doesn't pick up right away, he always calls me back. He got me a great refinance rate last time I worked with him and I am unlikely to get anything that low again.
Janet Piggins Avatar
Janet P.
Vic works harder than any other loan officer I've ever worked with. Communicates quickly, upfront, no nonsense. Next time I need a home loan, I'll be calling Vic.
Garry Shuck Avatar
Garry S.
TL;DR: Work with Vic. He's great and is a great asset to have on your side.Vic has been a complete pleasure to work with. We worked with him on a couple of occasions while in the process of buying our first house as well as when we were considering re-financing our mortgage. On both occasions Vic always took the time to explain our options clearly and helpfully. He often had to take a step back and explain some market basics... read more
Omar E. Avatar
Omar E.
Vic was Refered to me by a friend and he helped me so much after my divorce to secure my home and then later refinance. Was a complete delight to work with and tells you like it is. Love the no bs straight to it! I’d love to work with him again in the future and suggest him to everyone who’s looking
Connie R. Avatar
Connie R.
Working with Vic was seamless. As a first time home buyer, Vic helped me through the entire mortgage process. He held a "Mortgage 101" session with me and went through my options in a very detailed fashion. He gave me lots of good information and he was extremely patient with me throughout the process. When it was finally time to buy, he ended up getting me a great deal on a mortgage. I wouldn't even consider going to anyone other... read more
Sam C. Avatar
Sam C.
I had the pleasure of working with Vic as my mortgage broker, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. From start to finish, they provided exceptional service and support throughout the entire home buying process.His expertise and knowledge of the industry were evident from the very beginning. He took the time to understand my unique financial situation and helped me to navigate the many different mortgage options available to me. His team were always available to answer any questions... read more
Nchekube U. Avatar
Nchekube U.
Vic assisted me last year when I was buying my first home and he is AMAZING. He's a straight shooter and works extensively to honestly get you the best deal he can. Vic is always available, responds quickly to questions, and gets the job done just as fast as he answers questions. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with him. Highly recommended!
Laura L. Avatar
Laura L.
We have worked with Vic since 2015 when we stumbled with his office’s number and called him. Best decision ever. He is a dedicated professional who is able to handle all the phone calls at the same time he answers clients questions, from different communications platforms he has, to make himself available in like 6 times zones. He has the best products in the market and is passionate about informing his clients with the right decisions. Please subscribe to... read more
C A. Avatar
C A.