These are home buyer success stories, just a few of the thousands of people I’ve helped through the mortgage loan process.


Expiring HOA Insurance Loan Threat Resolved

A buyer’s loan for a condominium property was in jeopardy because of difficulties with their HOA (Home Owner’s Association) insurance. The renewal of their HOA master insurance, the required fire insurance that replaces the complex in case of fire, had been denied. Every lender requires a valid master insurance policy in place that doesn’t expire [...]


Reverse Mortgage Elder Care

A client came to me, looking for a solution for his mother. Bedridden at 92, she wanted to remain in her home, with in-home hospice care, rather than move into a nursing home, for as long as possible. Her cash flow was running short, but she had a large amount of equity in her home [...]


Refinance for Home Expansion

A family of four had outgrown their current residence and were looking for a cash out loan to add on to their existing property. They also hoped to build out a large deck in the backyard for barbecues. With my extensive network of real estate industry colleagues, I was able to help the homeowner procure [...]


Refinance Pays Off Debt

A homeowner with a family of four came to me sinking in credit card debt, and concerned that he might lose his house in Pleasanton. Due to his high credit card balances, his credit score was very low, at 640. I was able to help him refinance his debts by tapping increased property values in [...]