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Instant Online Mortgage Quotes

Can you trust those instant rate quote calculators on broker and lender websites? NO.

The fact is that rates change all day long. When you request a quote, a data sifter compiles all of the rates available at that moment. In the best case scenario, what you see in the results display is the lowest, most unattainable rate. In the worst case, you might see bogus information designed to mislead people.

Online rate quotes are a risky way to shop, because they’re there only to entice consumers to submit their personal information. Only a consultation with an experienced mortgage consultant can give you honest, useful information.

What’s Wrong with Mortgage Rate Shopping Online?

Securing your mortgage loan is too important for your future to rely on online searches alone. Without a seasoned guide, buyers — especially first time home buyers — who try to navigate the mortgage loan process alone online are at risk. You could find yourself attracted to marketing ploys promising the best deal, only to end up in the hands of unscrupulous brokers more interested in enriching themselves. Or if you think your bank is above reproach and seek a loan through them, you’ll be disappointed to find your options severely limited.

What's wrong with loan shopping online?

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