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COVID-19 and Mortgage Loans

Link Between COVID-19 & Mortgage Loans As the COVID-19 shelter-in-place directive is impacting all areas in our society and [...]

Health, Community, & Finance

Unprecedented Disruption All of us right now are experiencing unprecedented health, social and market disruptions and are directly impacted [...]

An Ethical Business Story

I'd like to share something that happened to me this past week that will help explain how ethical business practices [...]

Refinancing Goes Nuts!

Fed Cuts Rate and Refinancing Goes Nuts! The Federal Reserve cut their target interest rate, the Fed Funds, by [...]

Mortgage Refinance Opportunity

Hello Friends, here's my market rates email list update for August 2019. Federal Reserve Rate Cut The Federal Reserve [...]

HELOC vs. Refinance

HELOC vs. refinance: Which is better for a cash-out loan? Is a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a [...]

Mortgage Rates & SCUBA Diving

December Stock Market Corrections The corrections in the stock market to end 2018 rolled into the beginning of 2019. [...]

2019 New Year Mortgage Rates

Rocky December 2018 We ended 2018 with lots of volatility in the stock market which did help improve mortgage interest [...]

Mortgage Rate Seesaw

Hello, friends. We are in a new higher interest rate environment and are heading even higher going into 2019 and [...]