Home Buying Is Up

Hi Friends,

As mortgage interest rates have started to fall with inflation in the first quarter of this year, I have experienced an increase in home buyer activity and mortgage applications. The recent slight dip in home prices may be short-lived as inventory continues to be limited with more buyers starting to get back into the market.

But Inventory Is Low

With mortgage interest rates falling into the 2%s and 3%s in 2020 and 2021, homeowners are naturally reluctant to sell their homes and lose those historically low interest rates. Be prepared for a logjam in the coming months with more buyers and less sellers.

Time for a Personal Celebration!

This year my daughter is in the last year of grad school in Berlin, Germany. I am going to visit her in May of this year and I haven’t been back to Berlin since before the wall came down.

Seeing her grow up brings back memories about the times we have spent together in taking many adventures over the years, especially SCUBA diving all over the world. Here are some photos from some of those moments.