Local Service Area for Home Mortgage Loans

As someone who has been helping home buyers and investors with mortgage loans for over 20 years, we’ve found mortgage loan solutions for people all over California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. And as an agent with the nationally licensed C2 Financial Corporation, one of the largest mortgage brokers in California and the U.S., we have access to virtually any loan product you can find. We are in the business of helping buyers learn about mortgage loans and make good loans, unlike the banks who screen all of their loan applicants to find those that will make them the most profit.

Here are the West Coast areas where we are licensed:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Colorado
  • Texas
  • Hawaii

and some areas of special concentration below.

West Coast mortgage service area

Oakland, California

If you’re considering a move to the San Francisco Bay Area, a home purchase or a refinance in Oakland, you’re in my home territory that I know very well. Oakland’s rich cultural heritage has been celebrated for its diversity, distinction, sense of place, and its peoples. Read more about the competitive East Bay Area market and Oakland home loans here.

Oakland CA mortgage loan Rockridge Neighborhood

Alameda, California

A near neighbor to Oakland is the urban island of Alameda, California — a highly sought-after place to live in the San Francisco Bay area. Alameda is a comfortable suburban city with a small town feel. Read more about Alameda home loans here.

Alameda CA home loan

Irvine, California

Irvine is an ideal city for homeowners, with many options for purchasing, as it is one of the largest planned communities in the United States. Located in Orange County, Irvine is considered one of the wealthiest and safest cities in America to live. Read more about Irvine home mortgage loans here.

Irvine, California home loans

San Diego, California

San Diego is a dream city for homeowners, and a desirable vacation destination with its miles of white-sand beaches and proximity to family-friendly destinations. San Diego has an extremely competitive and vital housing market. With home prices rising, a solid financing package and a short close will always help you in bidding for your dream home. San Diego is also the home of our parent company, C2 Financial Corporation. Learn more about San Diego home loans.

San Diego, California home loans

Home of REAL Mortgage Advice®

Our local service area includes many other cities where we have happy first mortgage and refinance loan clients. Protect yourself and learn more about mortgage loans before you start loan shopping! Better yet, let me help you with a free “Mortgage 101” consultation to help you qualify for the loan you need that fits your circumstance.