Alameda Home Loans

As a result of its small town vibe and easy access to the greater San Francisco Bay Area, home sales and purchases have become very competitive. To get the  home loan you need in this market, it is especially important to get the advice of an experienced mortgage consultant, who hasthe resources to find the right rate with the right lender for your Alameda real estate transaction.

First Time Home Buyer

If you are a first time home buyer, Vic Joshi and his team are great sources of support to help you buy a home in Alameda without getting taken advantage of by banks whose highest priority is not your financial success, but theirs. If you can lower your interest rate by even one point, it can mean a much lower payment for you monthly.


If you are a current homeowner ready to do a refinance, a lower rate might enable you to make extra payments to get your home totally paid off. Or you might take cash out of your home equity for renovation, college tuition or some other life priority. Many times we have refinanced homes with no closing costs out of pocket to the borrower.

No Cost Mortgage Consultations

Whatever your situation, Vic is here to guide you through your Alameda CA home loan process. His educational consultations and evaluation of your home buying situation are free.

Get Help with an Alameda Home Loan