Hello, friends. I’m here to educate home buyers and guide them through the mortgage loan process to get them the loan they need for their unique situation. Here’s an overview of what I do for anyone who needs help with a mortgage loan.

Two Basic Tenets of the Mortgage Loan Process

Many of you who have worked with me know that I work for my clients in an industry that is not geared to help people purchase homes!

There are two basic tenets that I work under:

  1. Mortgage lending makes zero common sense.

    It is a series of arbitrary rules and guidelines that risk managers publish that the banks’ underwriters must meet in order to release the funds of the loan.

  2. The bank underwriters’ job is to kill the loan.

    Banks are not in the business of making loans, they are in the business of killing loans.

I explain in more detail why this situation exists here in How the Loan Process Works.

My Job as a Mortgage Consultant

My job is to know the investors’ guidelines so well that I can anticipate what their underwriters will be looking at as they try to find fault with your loan application.

My goal is the opposite of theirs — to get your loan approved and make sure the loan funds. And after over 25 years experience in mortgage lending, I know every angle.

Advantage of Working with Me

I’m serious about helping buyers succeed and get the home they want with a good loan, as a:

  • In the mortgage industry since 1997 and a licensed California real estate agent since 1998
  • Independent contractor and commissioned salesperson since 2000
  • Top 2% producer companywide since 2010
  • Top 10% producer in the industry since 2003

Read more about my mission here.

Advantage of Working with Me

In my years of experience in the mortgage industry since 1997, I’ve built personal relationships with lenders that I can count on for my clients’ benefit.

My company Straight Deal Mortgage is a full-service mortgage broker with relationships lenders and realtors who work together seamlessly.

Mortgage Products Available

  1. Residential and Commercial Mortgages
  2. Mortgages for Purchasing Real Estate
  3. Refinance Mortgages for Rate Reduction and for “Cash-Out”
  4. Conventional and Government Mortgages (FHA/VA)
  5. Conforming and Non-Conforming “Jumbo” Mortgages.
  6. Home Equity Lines of Credit
  7. Reverse Mortgages
  8. Combo Loans to Avoid PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)
    • 80/10/10
    • 80/15/5
  9. Special First Time Home Buyer Programs
  10. Mortgages for People with Less than Perfect Credit
  11. Foreign National Programs Including H1B and work permits
  12. Stated Income Loans/Bank Statement Loans
  13. Bridge Loans to Help Purchase Real Estate
  14. Hard Money Loans/Private Financing

Learn more about mortgage products here.

People I Can Help

  1. Buyers
    • First time home buyers with and without a down payment
    • Experienced homeowners looking to purchase real estate
    • Looking to purchase investment property
  2. Property Owners
    • Looking to purchase additional property
    • Looking to refinance existing mortgages for rate or to access equity
    • Current mortgage is an adjustable rate mortgage or has PMI
  3. Foreign Nationals and Temporary Visa Holders looking to purchase
  4. Veterans looking to purchase using their VA Benefit
  5. People with credit issues
  6. Retirees
  7. Self-employed individuals

Free Mortgage Advice

If you or anyone you know need these services, please contact me for a free consultation with no obligation.

Help me steer people in the right direction who might otherwise get caught up in loan shopping online and becoming lost in a deluge of sales pitches from people who aren’t really there to help them! Read more here about What’s Wrong with Loan Shopping Online?

Your loan guy,
Vic Joshi