I’m Vic Joshi, a mortgage consultantl, shining a light on mortgage lending with my revamped website. I took on this project to give my home buying clients better online guidance and reference material as they start their searches for a mortgage loan.

I have been active as a consultant in the mortgage industry since 1997 and a licensed real estate agent since 1998. More about Vic Joshi »

The Most Important Thing Home Buyers Need to Know

I work under two basic premises:

#1 Mortgage lending makes no common sense.
There are series of arbitrary rules and guidelines that mortgage lenders and underwriters publish. To get the lender to fund the loan, a borrower has to simply meet those guidelines.

#2 The underwriter’s and the lender’s job is actually to kill your loan.
Banks don’t tell you this, but they are not in the business of making loans; they’re in the business of killing loans.

This makes reaching your goal of getting the best loan for your situation much more difficult! But that’s where I come in.

The whole purpose of working with a mortgage lender or broker is to engage someone who can figure out how to prevent the lender and the underwriter from killing your loan.

Educating Borrowers

I give out free information, all day every day. That’s my business model. If I transact with you, only then will I get paid a commission — one that the lender will pay, and that will be incorporated on their end into any quotes that I provide.

For first time home buyers and other types of buyers who are new to the mortgage process, I offer a series of Mortgage 101 sessions, in person or over the phone, to bring each individual up to speed. Part of the process that is important is educating each client so that you are aware of how the mortgage process works, and so that you are not left in the dark.

My goal is to enlighten you about the mortgage loan process and how it can work to your benefit.

I Can Help You Get a Funded Loan

Let’s get started on your home loan process! Feel free to contact me anytime. I work regular hours during the week, and evenings and weekends as well, to accommodate my clients’ schedules.

Approximately 95% of my business is done over the phone and over email and the internet, but I am happy to meet in person, too — at my home office or any place that’s convenient for you.

Contact me by email or phone: 510-655-2868. I’m looking forward to helping you get your dream deal.