Mortgage Consultant

Information about what a mortgage consultant does from Vic Joshi — and the difference between a mortgage consultant and a broker.

Relationships Matter Most

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Family Ties Hi Friends, I have recently returned from two weeks in Switzerland visiting my 83 year old mother who moved there in 2018 to live with two of her younger sisters at a nursing home the sisters operate [...]

Mortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Consultant: What’s the Difference?

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Mortgage Lending Roles Mortgage lending has its own vocabulary that can be confusing for buyers, especially first time home buyers researching how to get a good mortgage loan. People often ask how to compare mortgage brokers vs. mortgage consultants [...]

Shining a Light on Mortgage Lending

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I'm Vic Joshi, a mortgage consultantl, shining a light on mortgage lending with my revamped website. I took on this project to give my home buying clients better online guidance and reference material as they start their searches for a [...]

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