Hello, friends. Here’s my monthly update on the outlook for current rates in general, but first — information about loans for first-time home buyers. Skip to Current Rates here.

Loans for First Time Buyers

With rates falling again and a lack of inventory in many regions in California, especially the Bay Area, the home buying season is going to be a hectic one again in 2020. Loans for first time buyers will be a challenge as they feel the pinch with many multiple offers to compete with. I will include a series of information for first time buyers over the next few months that may be of use to you or someone in your sphere of influence.

How to Get a Mortgage as a First Time Home Buyer

“Mortgage 101”

I start with an informational meeting I call “Mortgage 101.”

This is my free consultation with you that usually involves one big data dump to introduce you to the mortgage industry. Then I continue your education throughout the home buying process to arm you with information.