New Home in the U.S.


A Brazilian man, working in tech in the U.S., whose funds for the down payment were held overseas and who had limited U.S. credit, came to me for a loan to purchase a condominium.

As a foreign national temporarily working here but not a U.S. citizen, he had only a few domestic accounts listed on his credit report. Even though he did not have an H1B visa or a Green Card, I was able to get him into a loan to help him purchase his new primary residence in Orange County.

Balloon Payment Threat


A retail store owner who is also a homeowner in Kensington, came to me looking to refinance. His home loan had a balloon payment that was coming due. The stakes were high: he needed to refinance soon or he could potentially lose his home. The current lender was poised to repossess.

His tax returns did not show the net income required to qualify for a conventional loan.

Using a CPA-certified profit-and-loss statement for the last two years, I was able to get him refinanced into a more stable loan at a lower interest rate. Thus, this business owner, and his wife and kids, were able to keep their beloved family home.

Rental Renovation


I had an investor come to me with a project that was in progress. He had started to do a renovation on a rental property, a condominium, but unforeseen costs arose, and he had run out of funds.

He had a fair amount of equity in the property, and so, I was able to get him a private-investor loan that allowed him to complete the project, in a situation where conventional lenders would not provide a loan for him.

After the project was completed, we were able to refinance that loan into a conventional loan, thus reducing the interest rate dramatically from private-investor loan, and getting him into a more stable fixed-rate product.

Elder Care at Home


A client came to me, looking for a solution for his mother. Bedridden at 92, she wanted to remain in her home, with in-home hospice care, rather than move into a nursing home, for as long as possible. Her cash flow was running short, but she had a large amount of equity in her home and no mortgage.

After analyzing her expenses and considering the value of her property, we chose a reverse mortgage that would extend her time in her home for three more years — putting off the need to move into a nursing facility without eroding the majority of the equity in her home, in case the family wants to sell the home in the future. Taking this option enables her and her son to sell her home at a later date, extending her quality of life, and giving her the choice to remain in her home for longer than would otherwise have been possible.

Home Expansion


A family of four had outgrown their current residence and were looking for a cash out loan to add on to their existing property. They also hoped to build out a large deck in the backyard for barbecues.

With my extensive network of real estate industry colleagues, I was able to help the homeowner procure an appraisal showing enough equity in the property in its current condition for the borrower to take enough cash to create his new dream house for his family.

He turned a 2/1 into a 3/2 in Castro Valley, and yes, they are now enjoying that deck.

Paid Off Debt


A homeowner with a family of four came to me sinking in credit card debt, and concerned that he might lose his house in Pleasanton.

Due to his high credit card balances, his credit score was very low, at 640.

I was able to help him refinance his debts by tapping increased property values in the current market.

We rolled his balances into a new increased mortgage using an FHA loan (Federal Housing Administration) — saving him $2100/month, making it possible for him to keep his home that he had been living in with his family for the past 12 years.

Yard for the Dog


An honorably-discharged U.S. Marine and war veteran, currently working in law enforcement, living in Pleasant Hill, was looking to purchase a new property and relocate closer to his work in Oakland. He found the perfect spot, a townhouse in Alameda with a yard for his dog.

I was able to get his loan approved and closed using a Veterans Administration loan with a 670 credit score and 2.5% down payment on a purchase price of $710,000. The loan closed in three weeks, from contract date to closing.

Room to Play


A married couple living in an apartment in the East Bay were looking to purchase their first home. They wanted to stay in the Bay Area, desired a family-friendly neighborhood, and a home with a big backyard where their 3-year-old daughter could have room to play.

The husband was the primary earner in the family, a tradesman, finishing up his apprenticeship. His business was growing and he had good credit, but his funds for a down payment were limited, and his income was too high for him to qualify for the Fannie Mae 3% down loan program (the borrower’s income must be within 80% of the median income level for the zip code of the property being purchased).

They found their dream home in Vallejo. I took their loan to Freddie Mac and got it approved because Freddie Mac doesn’t have an income requirement for that zip code. With this particular loan product, the family was able to purchase the property with a 3% down payment.