Mortgage consultants, AKA mortgage brokers, are finance professionals who help people buy homes and investment properties with financing that fits their circumstances. The consultant’s relationship with buyers includes:

  • helping buyers understand the arbitrary rules of mortgage lending
  • presenting buyers with realistic buying options
  • advising them on making a choice that fits their needs and financial resources

Knowledge: In general, the mortgage consultant needs in-depth knowledge about the mortgage industry, enabling them to:

  • provide accurate current mortgage rate and product information to buyers
  • communicate effectively with lenders
  • help clients get approved through inside knowledge of lender practices
  • manage loan documents, the loan process, and closing

Skills: A good mortgage consultant will excel and make their clients happy if they have skills in all of these areas:

  • Communication — the ability to listen to clients, understand their needs, and explain mortgage details clearly
  • Social — empathy and respect for clients during stressful transactions
  • Math — the ability to compile complicated data and interpret it to compare loan offerings
  • Detail — accurately tracking calculations and statuses for many clients concurrently
  • Decision-making — using reason and experience to help clients choose an option they will be happy with
  • Desire for mutual success — using their experience and skills to help a client close on a loan